• Week 1 is an ABCD rotation – the schedule for the first day of school is shortened due to the half day. (this schedule is on our master schedule)
  • Week 2 begins the ONE WEEK rotating schedule which provides for consistency for students learning in a remote model and is an easier transition to the hybrid model. All students will continue in the ONE WEEK rotating schedule until students are able to transition to a hybrid model.
  • TWO WEEK schedule will be implemented when students return on-site to a hybrid model. This will reduce the exposure for specials teachers and provides a safety measure for teachers rotating students throughout the day.
  • ALL STUDENTS – students in Option 1 (remote/hybrid/full on-site) and students in Option 2 (fully remote) will ALWAYS be on the same rotation for specials. This will provide consistency in planning and delivery of instruction for specials teachers.

Please see below for the calendars for one week rotation blocks (remote) and two week rotation blocks (hybrid/in-person). Click on the tab that you would like to view.